Plant A Smile

Plant A Smile is a 4H club in West Newton. We concentrate on learning about plants, science, outdoor adventure, technology,
photography and SMILES! The club was founded on January 11, 2013. Currently our project is making cooking videos.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Arnold Arboretum

We visited the Arnold Arboretum and Donna Tremonte, an applications programer, showed us how the arboretum uses GIS to map over 15,000 plants! Donna explained to us what GIS is, how you use GIS, how to use the arboretum's interactive map and how she got involved with plants and GIS. When she finished, we went to the visitors center and then walked around the arboretum. Is was REALLY cold out but we hunted and found the arboretum's tree of the month - a Dawn Redwood. We had lots of fun and learned a lot. THANKS DONNA!

Credit to everyone for the awesome pictures!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sophia's and Gabriel's

Helping out at Sophia's house and seeing Gabriel's garden for the first time.


 Plant A Smile had a lot of fun at the Big E! We did lots of fun things, like stay in the dorm, see galaxy girl, go on elephant rides, and a lot more. We ran out of Alka Seltzer at the end because we had so many visitors! Did you know... The Big E, also known as The Eastern States Exposition had over  1 million visitors this year. It is the sixth largest fair in the whole nation! Hopefully we get the opportunity  to go back next year!

Exited to leave!

Sophia and Katharine pouring oil into bottles.

Explaining to people about Lamps of Lava.

Getting lot's of visitors!

Sophia and Katherine seeing what it's like to milk a cow.

Having fun.

Nice job Sophia!


Getting very busy.

Enjoying food in the dining hall.

Marching in parade!

Preparing For Big E

Getting ready to present "lamps of lava" at the Big E!